A Lazy Saturday Morning

Nothing beats a lazy Saturday morning - when the weekend's still going strong and there's nothing to do but sleep in, make some coffee and a big brunch, and cuddle with the person you love. At this point in the week you're well rested and have managed to loosen any lingering grip the work week may have tried to take on your mind. Everything's coming up pancakes.

We got to work with some amazing Fargo vendors, which we've listed below, and a couple whose steady, but silly love will make their Saturday mornings pretty darn awesome for many years to come.

Elisabeth + Brett + Clark


I got a text the day before which said, "Clark has a new balloon and he's wondering if it can be in the shoot too." You absolutely cannot say no to a kid with a new balloon, so we made cookies and watched Clark bounce his new balloon around the house before leaving him with Jodi for a few moments so I could sneak off for a photos of just Bethy (who is a killer photographer herself)and her husband Brett. It wasn't long, though, before we all had to go venture outside and play because this family loves the feeling of wind in their hair and sun on their faces, which was perfectly alright with us.


Ashley + Seth

Ashley and Seth have become two of our best friends in Fargo. And they are both killing it with their own businesses, she turning recycled clothing into ties and other accessories and he supplying reclaimed wood to the area.

And their love for each other has always inspired me. It's real and honest and unfiltered.

Home Sessions

Messy toys on the floor and warm cookies out of the oven and jumping on the bed and cuddling on the stairs and playing with dogs in the backyard. These things have always said more to me about real life than posed portraits on a gray backdrop.

Inviting someone in to where we cook and sleep and eat and play and live is a beautiful thing. It can also be a super vulnerable thing. It's a space that says a lot about who we are. It's the stories that exist in our homes. The wallpaper that you fought over and then worked together to put up. The spot on the carpet from when you dropped spaghetti. The old piano that you both learned to play on.

These are the stories I love capturing. The ones that are really worth sharing. Not the carefully-framed, perfect-life, Instagram-worthy shots, but rather the ones that capture genuine, authentic moments.