Tuesday Misc.

Happy Tuesday friends!


  • It's Tuesday and I'm still a little sore. Jodi ran her second half marathon on Saturday and I did my second full. Neither of us were in as good of shape as we had planned to be in, isn't that always the case?, but weather was good and it served to make us more excited for future races.
  • It's been a pretty busy couple of months for us so this weekend we're planning on heading up to Duluth for a quick vacation and some last camping before it might start getting pretty chilly.
  • It'll be Glencoe's first time tent camping. I'm cautiously excited to see how he does.
  • I'll be playing in a hockey league this winter! I haven't really played any games in quite some time but it should be fine. Main goal is just to not hurt myself!


  • It's fall! Leaves are changing and apple picking parties are happening! Cozy sweaters, blanket wrapped nights filled with soups and tea are upon us! 
  • This weekend Zach and I spent Saturday in Grand Forks running, drinking beer, verbally bopping around town, and then apple picking (and apple cider doughnut eating) at our friend Molly's. She makes a mean doughnut and is especially good at bringing people together. 
  • Last week I didn't get much done outside of work but I'm plodding along in a book by Bob Goff titled "Love Does." It's been comforting and challenging to ask myself some hard questions about how much I'm willing to sacrifice to love others well. 

Happy Trails!