Cheryl + Matt - Favorite Photos

We want to create images that people will cherish long past the day they were taken. We hope that every time a couple goes back through their photos, they can actually feel the love and joy from the day, like a time capsule that transports them back to their wedding if only for a few moments.

In this series, we're giving couples the opportunity to share their favorite photos from their wedding.

The snowfall. That background. Matt’s face. These are the reasons I love this picture. This moment was captured right after I read my vows. It is a rare occurrence to see such a strong man look like that. In that fleeting second, he looked so overwhelmingly happy and I looked and him with strength and faith in our future. It’s simple, raw, and the looks in our eyes I hope to have again and again in our long love together.
— Cheryl
This is her, the one, and it’s hard for me to look at this picture and imagine anything else but the happiness in her face. Honestly I don’t remember taking this picture, but it is very special to me. It reminds me of how simple love can be. Sometimes love is just pure joy. It’s really that simple when it’s that pure. The look on my wife’s face reminds me of that joy and it is the same way we look at our young daughter. This picture warms my heart and reminds me just exactly how excited we were to become husband and wife.
— Matt