Monday Misc.

Happy Monday Friends! Here's what we've been up to the past two weeks:


  • Most of our summer weekends are filled with shooting weddings so whenever we get a free one we try to make the most of it. Last weekend we headed to Mora, MN for a half Marathon. It's been a long time since I've ran one but it was great to join Jodi on her first.
  • Last week we did some impromptu engagement photos for our good friends Seth and Ashley, who happened to get married this past weekend.
  • It's always a pleasure to photograph people that we're close too.
  • It's been quite a while since I've been a guest at a wedding and simply been able to be present and chat and enjoy it. It's sometimes easy to be very task focused while shooting weddings so it was a really amazing reminder of just how much that day can mean to everybody involved and how it's a beautiful thing to watch two people join together, be it in the rain or sun or mud or snow or park or church or courthouse.
  • We're slowly making our way through the newest season or House of Cards and while the show itself probably peaked a couple years ago, the writers make some really great allusions to a certain other current president and it makes me long for the days of The West Wing when there seemed to be a respect for the man regardless of your opinion of him.
  • Jodi surprised me by booking a chiropractor session for me next week. Carrying heavy camera bags for hours on end can do a number so this is a good thing.


  • Last weekend I ran my first half marathon! It was hard. I was slow. But I'm excited to run another longer run soon but with a bit more training under my belt.
  • Zach and I got to explore a lot of fun, small towns in MN on our way to and from Mora where the half was being held. It was so relaxing to slowly explore quirky antique shops and see that another food co-op is trying to open in Minnesota.
  • We got to meet a new pupper named Wallace on Friday night! He's a sheepadoodle and he belongs to two amazing neighbor friends. Once he gets shots, he and Glencoe are going to be besties. We might need to get them matching bowties for future fancy parties.
  • Zach and I went to an epic wedding this week! Camp CarlDedinson was a perfect love bash. We may have worried about the rain Saturday morning but it only served to slow us down so we could be more present with each other. And I got to use my flower crown making skills!
  • My friend Sarah came over and we watched The Parent Trap together cuddled on the couch with homemade peanut butter oreos. Naught a better night could be had.
  • Currently reading a friend's manuscript and I'm really loving it. Adventure, youth, and a dry wit have provided a wonderful escape from real life stress.
  • Planning the co-op's Grand Opening right now and we're gonna have puppies! I mean sure there will be free yoga, massages, live music and food, too, but also puppers! And we're unveiling a Barking Lot outside! 12/10 amped for the pups.

Happy Trails!