Wednesday Misc.

Happy Wednesday! Here's what we've been up to.


  • I got caught up with things the past couple days so this will be a rare Wednesday post!
  • Summer continues to chug away which means most days I'm at home or the studio, hanging out with the puppy and working on photos.
  • I've been excited to see Logan for awhile. We rented it last week and really liked it. I'm a big fan of stories that are set in the aftermath of big events.
  • Also, movie is gory as heck.
  • It's kind of crazy how smart border collies are. Glencoe learned to play fetch after a couple minutes of training.
  • Meaning that we're gonna have to come up with some awesome pup handshakes.
  • I finally finished up a seven books series that I've been slowly working my way through so I'm excited to read a couple books without that kind of a commitment for a bit.
  • Just started: American Gods after months of prodding from Jodi.


  • To be honest, last week is a bit of a tired blur. But it was great to accidentally catch up on a little sleep on Sunday night (yay forgetting to set your alarm!). 
  • Tubing down the Ottertail with some friends and a pup with tubes we bought the day before was a prime way to spend a Sunday, especially when it included brunch at the cutest small town MN cafe first.
  • I acted as a venue coordinator for a wedding on Saturday at the Rourke and despite getting stuck in the elevator at the end of the night and having to be rescued by two friends and the fire department, it was a great event. The Rourke cleans up mighty nice and Zach is one hell of a partner in crime.
  • The pupper is learning how to sit, lay down, dance, and walk without pulling! He's a very smart pupper, but that's also requiring us to get creative with ways to keep him pre-occupied when we want to do anything without him. One good way to distract him is to take him to Junkyard and let him make all the friends!
  • We're making a platform for Zach's car so we can sleep in the back! Well, Zach is making it, and I am merely providing a steady hand or word of encouragement at the right moment, but it's exciting to see it come together nevertheless. It will be even more exciting to live that #vanlife. Kidding. But roadtrips will be cheaper! Yay!

Happy Trails!