Tuesday Misc.

Happy Tuesday Friends! We had a relaxed weekend with friends and family. Here's the lowdown:


  • It was great to spend time with Jodi's mom this weekend. Given the distance, we don't see her as often as we'd like.
  • She had the chance to meet my family for the first time. We basically bombarded her with new people left and she took it all in stride.
  • Jodi shot a gun for the first time.
  • Having a dog is definitely work. Glencoe has a ton of energy and loves to play so it almost makes me wonder if having two dogs would be less work. They could just wear each other out.
  • Our summer kickball league is winding down this week just as a new season of our bags league is starting. Working for yourself is great but it's a little too easy sometimes to just sit at home all down working so having stuff like this where I know I'll be hanging out with other people and socializing kind of keeps me sane.
  • Current Summer Jam = Call You Back
  • I think someday we're gonna through a tent up in the backyard and see how Glencoe does in it overnight. Adventure dog training starts soon!


  • My mom came to Fargo this weekend! We shopped around downtown, had lunch at Bernbaum's, and then headed west so she could see Teddy Roosevelt National Park, experience Medora, and meet most of Zach's immediate family. It was also particularly fun to introduce her to Glencoe and have her tour the co-op!
  • I got to see the Medora Musical for the first time, a staple in Americana summers here in North Dakota. It's set in an outdoor amphitheater with a view of the Badlands. The best part might've been the Coal Diggers band (one guy could play the saw!) and the balloon animal variety act, which was actually hilarious.
  • I headed out to Carrington, ND last Tuesday to hear Dan Barber speak on soil health, and ended up learning a ton about farming from experts in cattle ranching, weeds, organic farming, and came back with an even bigger respect for the co-ops local farmers, many of whose only tools are their two hands.
  • This morning Glencoe slept on my head. It was adorable, and floofy, but unsustainable.
  • I was able to reflect a little bit on my life here when my mom was in town, as I introduced her to friends or places I frequent, and it was humbling in the best way. I live a pretty simple, but lovely life.

Happy Trails!