Monday Misc.


Happy Monday amigos!


  • This marks week number two with Glencoe. Having a new puppy is above all things, never dull.
  • Working from home with him is a bit of a test in staying productive.
  • So far we've learned that he's not a fan of avocados and blow dryers and swimming.
  • And he's basically a fan of anything he can bite.
  • We started watching GLOW on Netflix and rather than thinking about it's philosophy like Jodi, I'm just enjoying it for all it's ridiculousness.
  • Our snap peas started growing in the garden!
  • Our wedding this weekend was hot and sunny and we pushed our luck with some construction workers but it was a blast.
  • Man do I love a live band during the wedding dance.
  • Finally, we took the plunge and bought a new vehicle! The old car had a good life but air conditioning has made a very welcome return to my life.


  • A couple of great dinners were had this week. A pizza night in a garden, grilled fruits for a friend's birthday, and pizza on our deck with some friends who had never met before. Summer is my absolute favorite because you can eat outside most days.
  • My friend Whitney and I went to Tig Notaro, who does stand up as well as other comedic masterpieces, on Thursday evening and laughed for two straight hours. Then I ran home and got shinsplints? Worth it.
  • Life with a pupper is still grand and tiring. Sometimes he makes us laugh 'til we cry and sometimes we go to Buffalo State Park and introduce him to the river and he barks at it until we carry him out.
  • We started watching a show called Glow and it takes a bit to get into honestly until you realize that it's Voltairian comedy commenting on our patriarchal, media obsessed society. And then you love it. Absolutely love it.

Happy Trails!