Tuesday Misc.


Happy Tuesday! We've been busy with all sorts of fun things. Read on:


  • We got a puppy!
  • As a result, Jodi and I haven't slept much the past couple nights.
  • He came from a farm and was a little dirty so the first order of business was a bath, which he was less than excited about.
  • We finally got around to finishing up Westworld. Hot damn, that is one of the best story twists I've seen in a long time.
  • Wedding season continues to roll on and despite temps pushing 90 most days, they've been awesome.
  • We've finally started finalizing plans for our wedding next year. It feels good to get the big stuff out of the way.
  • Jodi makes a mean coconut cake.


  • Holy moly. What a week.
  • I helped open a freaking co-op this week. Phew.
  • Zach surprised us with a puppy! His name is Glencoe and he's perfect.
  • I've got a friend getting married this summer whose bridal shower this weekend was the perfect excuse to perfect a coconut cake recipe and sit outside in a sundress with some pretty great ladies.
  • There were also tiki drinks, and Glencoe's first bath, good walks, surprise sourdough + coffee deliveries, and the otherwise ordinary life things that make having a community and a home in this crazy world a very beautiful thing.

Happy Trails!