Monday Misc.


Happy Monday amigos! Here's what's been going down in our neck of the woods:


  • We headed home to my parent's place for a couple days this weekend which was great.
  • Jodi ran her first 5k and did awesome. With almost everyone I know, when running their first race, they go from "I guess I'll run it," to "Ouch, that sucked, never again," to about five minutes later "When's the next one? I can't wait!"
  • Jodi skipped the middle step after she finished. We signed up for a half marathon the next day.
  • Some stupid birds keep eating our strawberries as soon as they start growing so we gave up and dug up the plant and replaced it with some basil and cilantro and green beans and lettuce. Hopefully the birds don't like their veggies.
  • We just got a new waffle iron so Jodi and I made chicken and waffles for the first time tonight. Whoever came up with that combination is a genius. I envision a lot of waffles in our near future!


  • The things that I like to do list is growing! It now includes running in organized races. Not so convinced on the racing part per say, but running with people on sunny days is fun. Also sprinting seems like the worst thing.

  • This weekend we hung out with Zach's fam and it was delightfully restful. We ran, climbed, and swam! Plus there was pizza on the deck and Zach's grandma's banana bars one evening.

  • Nachos are the new Birks. So freaking easy to make and delicious. Exactly what to make when you have no idea what's in the fridge but you know you've got some tortilla chips in the cupboard.

  • Farm tour! Last week we went on a farm tour of six different local farms and it was inspiring to see small farmers fight big ag and make a difference in the accessibility of really good produce in American Siberia (aka North Dakota). Plus, I met a ton of high quality farm dogs!

Happy Trails!