Monday Misc.


Happy Monday Friends! Here's the lowdown:


  • June weather is crazy.
  • I started watching The Leftovers after hearing good things. It's definitely intriguing but also follows in the footsteps of Lost in that it proposes far more questions than it answers.
  • I've been working my way through The Witcher book series for the past few months. I haven't read much fantasy in a while but it's been fun. That said, after seven books, I'm excited to read something else soon.
  • Jodi and I are starting to plan our own wedding. It's definitely fun to see this side of the process as we figure everything out. What we're thinking so far is super exciting though. As next year is already starting to fill up with weddings for us, we really need to pick a date soon.
  • Jason Isbell's new album is killer. It's been a good year for Americana music.
  • We're heading down to the Black Hills in South Dakota this coming weekend for some climbing and camping.
  • It also means we'll likely make a stop at a giant tent that serves all-you-can-eat pancakes and sausage near Rushmore.


  • How is it June 19th?! Are we in a time warp?!
  • Tonight I learned how to play croquet! I went over to a couple friends of ours who hosted a bonfire and then surprise! Out came a croquet set! It was a blast. Mostly because the company was excellent, but also because croquet.
  • Saturday my friend Sarah came over for breakfast and we made millet topped with a peach sort of salsa with mint and basil as well as some goat cheese and honey. It was superb and something we're already planning to make again.
  • The Rourke Museum puts on a yearly exhibition with a theme called the Midwestern, and this year's theme was apt - Revolution. Some of the pieces caught me by surprise with their wit and technique. I highly recommend checking it out in the next few weekends while it's still up.
  • Really enjoying my new job with the co-op so far. It's challenging, but my coworkers are intelligent, funny people who care so much about local, organic, accessible food. It's been an honor to work alongside them. And there are days I laugh so hard I cry! (And days I just plain cry, too, but hey that's ok.)

Happy Trails!