Monday Misc.


Happy Monday! Wedding season is upon us and if that wasn't keeping us busy enough, we moved to a new house this past weekend! Here's what went down over the past couple weeks:


  • We moved! Back to Fargo! To an awesome little house!
  • After a week of boxes and bags and clothes everywhere, we've finally got everything just about put away and organized.
  • We channeled our inner Julia Child and put up a pretty rad pegboard in the kitchen for pots and pans and whatnot. It's cool.
  • We build some planter boxes in the backyard a couple days ago and have been slowly filling it up with dirt.
  • FYI, dirt is heavy.
  • Super excited to see if we can grow some tomatoes and peppers and other veggies. (Basically, I just want lots of pizza toppings)
  • After testing and tweaking and trying tons of different pizza dough recipes over the past year, I think I've finally settled on my favorite. I take Joe Beddia's recipe from his new book Pizza Camp and add a little wheat flour. Light and fluffy and crispy. It's the bomb!
  • Having two windows right next to our bed is the best thing. There are few better things than sleeping with a light breeze blowing through.
  • We've had a bit of time off from shoots which was great, but I'm pumped for things to start ramping up again just as warm weather is arriving.
  • It's gonna be a good summer.


  • The last two weeks are a blur of boxes. But we are fully moved in and just planted the first seeds in our garden today! (Fingers crossed we don't kill everything. 🤞😂)
  • In the midst of moving my friend Sarah and I decided to get lost and camp close to Wisconsin. The fire was delightful, as was breakfast at the Rochester coop, brunch at the Kenwood in Minneapolis (those cooks work so hard), and a brief pit stop to chat with pups and buy some beets at the St Paul's farmers market.
  • In between moving things, Zach and I got to shoot two engagements and a wedding. Always break for love. And brake probably, too. Totally biased in saying this, but Zach books some of the raddest couples.
  • Speaking of which, one of said couples lives just down the street 🙌 and another of said couples came over for pizza last night 😍! We tried a bunch of different beers they brought over, and it's official, no beer goes badly with pizza, unless it's a bad beer.
  • One of the best parts of this house has been having people drop by while on a walk, while biking, or on their way home. That's probably one of my favorite things of all time, and I hope our house can truly feel comfy and cozy enough to encourage more of that.

Happy Trails!