Monday Misc.


Happy Monday. Here's the lowdown:


  • Fargo has been kind of gloomy and rainy for the past week. While those are some of my favorite things for photos, I'm definitely ready to see the sun again.
  • We still need to plant a couple more things but the first crops (it's still a crop if it's two two-foot rows, right?) of peas and carrots starting peeking through the ground this weekend. We might actually manage to grow something!
  • I've been listening to a lot of Chris Stapleton lately. I was raised on country so it always feels kind of like home to me, but he, unlike most of today's country, is an amazing writer. "People call me the Picasso of painting the town," is a great line.
  • We grabbed dinner with a couple of other photographers in town and, because we really don't hang out with other photographers often, I sometime forget how great it is to talk about all the crazy things that happen in this line of work. Or any line of work, really. Community is great.
  • I bought a new tilt shift lens to play around with. There's definitely a steep learning curve but you can get some pretty awesome things with it when used right.


  • So last week I started a new job, working with Fargo's first food co-op, Prairie Roots, as their marketing person. I've had to start teaching myself new things, which is both satisfying and stressful. But I'm really honored to be part of a kickass team and to be bringing a grocery store (and a co-op at that!) to one of Fargo's food deserts.
  • Last week also included an after hours dance party at a local coffee shop (!!!), the Fargo marathon (which I merely watched), and two dinners with incredible humans. The greatest thing is looking at the clock and realizing that six hours have gone by without your notice.
  • Our first kickball game of the season was Wednesday! We lost. It was great. We have a fun mix of people, and I'm excited to get to know all of them more over the season.
  • Zach and I have been shooting a lot of engagements recently and I've been playing with some new cameras. It's been so much fun trying to find hidden gems in Fargo, places with solitude, greenery, or cool textures.
  • Taco season is NIGH. It's always pizza season, but lately I've been craving tacos more and more. I'm ready to start playing around with some new recipes. Luckily, Zach must have known because a bit ago he bought me a cookbook that's exclusively focused on tacos.

Happy Trails!