Monday Misc.


Happy Monday! Here's what's happening:


  • And just like that, it's summer. No complaints here.
  • Weeds suck. Our backyard is a battlezone right now. And we're losing badly.
  • We put up some string lights over our deck and grill area and it's legit.
  • And we just picked up a firepit so I anticipate many nights spent outdoors this summer.
  • Our new place is finally not filled with random boxes everywhere. Feels like we actually live here now. (Getting wifi set up helps alot with that too)
  • We've been playing around with some new cameras lately that has me super excited. Simply put, Sony's new A7 and A9 cameras are awesome and, at about half the size, my neck and back will thank me.
  • Finally, I'm continually amazed at how many truly, awesomely quality friends we have in Fargo. Good company is good.


  • I didn't expect to put together deli furniture (is that what it's called?!) but it's been delightful because it kind of feels like an adult ropes course?
  • Last night we had some friends over for pizza and it felt like summer drinking wine from Greece (!) and eating carbs with cheese outside.
  • My friend Sarah and I climbed at the gym yesterday! My fingers are very sore.
  • Frisbee! Anytime! Zach and I have been utilizing the huge park across the street from our new place.
  • New skill set that I'm hoping to improve: bags/cornhole/beanbag toss. I've had to sub in for Kevin as he galavants across the PNW, and it's harder to be consistent than I thought it'd be. Time to practice!

Happy Trails!