Monday Misc.


Happy Monday! We're settled back in at home again and Spring is starting to peek it's head. Here's what we've been up to:


  • Pizza. Lots of pizza. The more I experiment, the more I come to realize that, while you can make good pizza in a home oven, you really need a brick oven, or something that can get up to around 800 degrees, to make great pizza.
  • As soon as we buy a house or something more permanent, making an outdoor oven will be our next project.
  • Besides pizza, our week has been filled with spring cleaning. There's something about the weather finally warming up that always inspires me to do stuff I've been putting off.
  • We came across some music by a dude named Petit Biscuit in France and it's been my go to for background tunes the past couple weeks. Can't get enough.
  • It's been nice to set the camera down for a couple weeks now. We're finishing up planning for a lot of this summer's weddings and I'm getting super excited. Some wicked cool couples that we'll be working with!


  • We've eaten so much pizza this last week. Zach has decided to find the perfect pizza crust for our current home oven. We've tried different flours and methods for rising. My favorite part is coming up with topping combinations. Two recent favorites: apple, red onion, gouda, walnut, honey, pepper, and ricotta, preserved lemon, honey, salt, pepper, and arugula.
  • At the end of last week and all weekend I was sick so everything is fuzzy and sleepy from then. The worst part was canceling really fun plans. The best parts? Zach bringing me tea and making chili and cornbread together.
  • Spring may finally be here! Yesterday and today I got to take walks with friends. They were delightful, some of the best moments from the week in fact.
  • Paris has inspired me to learn how to make pastry. Well let me rephrase that. I can't afford to buy croissants every day in the Midwest, but I wouldn't mind eating them more often. So it's time to figure out laminated dough.

Happy Trails!