Monday Misc.


Happy Monday Friends! We took a couple weeks off to rest and enjoy Spring and some life stuff. But we're back now and here's a bit of what we've been up to!


  • I've had a bit of a break from photography bit I'm super excited to get started with weddings shortly.
  • Lately, all of those creative juices have been funneled into our kitchen. We've been busy playing with a new grill and making pizza and ribs and sourdough.
  • Which means there's a constant pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Sign of a good kitchen, right?
  • On the screen we've been watching season two of Fargo which might not quite reach the heights of season one but damn it's a fun ride.
  • While Jodi is getting all philosophic about Outliers, I've been nose deep in some really great cookbooks, namely Chad Robertson's Tartine Bread and Joe Beddia's Pizza Camp. There's just something so compelling about listening to people talk about a craft that they've refined over years and years of trial and error.
  • Also, bread and pizza are good.
  • We're hoping to have a garden in our backyard this summer. I think we'll build some planter boxes and then fence everything in. Should we learn how to actually grow anything, pizzas are gonna get alot more exciting!
  • Naturally, I left my taxes to do until a couple days before the deadline. Jodi helped me and we did them ourselves for the first time this year which somehow managed to help me understand them a little more and reveal even more layers that I didn't know about and don't totally understand.
  • Finally, Mondays got a little more awesome. My bud Kevin and I are in a bags (cornhole if you prefer) beer league. Watch out Fargo, we're coming for you!


  • I don't remember the last week we waxed poetic about, but I'm currently eating sourdough pancakes with yogurt, chia seeds, and maple syrup so this one's off to a good start.
  • Our kitchen has a new child, a sourdough starter, and let me just say, parenting is hard. I mostly just look at it every day and relay my not so expert opinion on how she's doing to Zach so he can either feed her lots or little. The weather has not been cooperating. After delightfully warm temperatures nary a week ago, it snowed yesterday morning! Our kitchen is cold.
  • I'm reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell right now because, well, it was there honestly, but despite what I've been taught about Malcolm in the past, this book is proving to be thought provoking. It's already started a few good conversations between Zach and myself about privilege, types of intelligence, and community.
  • A couple of great slow mornings have renewed my love for mornings. My friend Ashley and I made latkes recently and spent a good three hours just chatting over breakfast. Then just yesterday my friend Sarah came over for coffee and I almost forgot to go to work it was so lovely.
  • The shortest bike ride to work happened last week, and oh how spectacular it felt. I almost ran into a bush, so hoping for less of that in the future, but let's bike, friends!
  • I may have given myself whiplash to the Harlem Shake this weekend when a couple of friends were in town from Minneapolis, but it was totally worth it. Most of the evening was spent sitting around a table talking, laughing, but what a great way to end it. One song. One dance. Give it all you've got.

Happy Trails!