Monday Misc.


Happy Monday from London! Here's what we've been up to:


  • We flew into London on Thursday morning and
  • While Jodi preferred the Design Museum, I really like the Imperial War Museum. Really amazing, interactive exhibits on World War 1 and 2 and the Holocaust. One of the coolest parts though, was a big section on British spies and MI5 and MI6 and their gadgets, etc. I might have to start reading the James Bond books now.
  • Props to London for having so many great, free museums.
  • London's cheese game is strong. If only we could just bring a couple suitcases back filled with just gouda and parm and brie get the point.
  • We took a quick day trip up to Oxford as well. Jodi went to school there briefly so it was cool to see where she studied and all the amazing buildings. Good change of pace getting out of London for a bit.
  • We're off the Scotland in the morning. The plan is to rent a car and drive up through the highlands and see if we can't get lost. Stay tuned...


  • This past week we've been in London!
  • My favorite market - now having been to Spitalfield's, Camden, and Borough - is Borough Market. Free samples and mostly food and flowers make this market delightfully delicious. The highlight might've been the 1 quid coconut macaroon if it weren't for the flat white I got from a lad (that's what they call gents) with the wee-est La Marzocco you ever did see.
  • We went to the Design Museum and I enjoyed the exhibits on the ethics of design re: climate change as well as the design of transit maps. Plus in order to get there we had to walk through Holland Park, which might now be my favorite park in London.
  • Cheese is so cheap. It's wonderful and maddening. Cheese is too expensive in the States.
  • Pastries are so cheap and so flakey! <repeat the bit about it being wonderful and maddening>
  • I finished Gone, Baby, Gone. 10/10 would recommend if you like suspense, intrigue, and criminal justice stories.

Happy Trails!