Monday Misc.


Happy Monday! We missed posting last week as France's sights and cheeses and desserts kept us busy. So here's double sized dose of what we've been up to:


  • It's good to be home. The first couple days back after being away are always a little nuts trying to catch back up on things. But, mainly it's nice to not be eating out for nearly every meal.
  • We had a layover in Iceland and flying over was unreal. It was already pretty high on my list of places to visit and this only cemented that.
  • Also, the water at the Reykjavik airport water fountains was the best water I've ever tasted. I'm the farthest thing from a water snob. I've never had a problem with tap water, but damn, that stuff was magical.
  • We ate a lot of stuff in Belgium and France.
  • Belgium waffles = Good
  • Belgium beer = Good
  • French beer =  Not Good
  • Crepes = Good
  • It was super tempting to load our check bag up with cheese and see if we could sneak it into the states. Instead we settled for fig jam and speculoos cookies.
  • On that subject, the US needs to play some serious catchup in getting speculoos flavored ice creams and pastries and cakes.
  • We were welcomed back to Fargo with some pretty cold weather but the past couple days have been awesome. Spring is coming, people, have faith!


  • Two Mondays ago we were leaving Brussels for Marseille.
  • One Monday ago we were in Paris.
  • I love exploring new places, but I also really enjoy going to places where I know the employees. And as much as I actually love walking ten miles a day (to everyone else's chagrin) in search of a museum, a pasta shop, and a pastry, I also love spending hours cooking, or eating pizza and drinking beer with a couple of stellar humans. It's been good to be home. I'm excited to transition back from pure consumption to creating and then consuming.
  • That being said, some pretty lovely things happened when we were abroad in the last couple weeks. One of which was dancing with an old French man in his antique shop.
  • Another was stumbling into a free Pecorino cheese tasting in a basement of a specialty Italian shop in Paris.
  • Oh and getting used to saying fiancĂ© ;)
  • It should also be noted that after alternating between hostels, Airbnbs, and quirky accommodations in A-frames and castles, I am probably going to try avoiding hostels from here on out. There are so many more fun places to stay which aren't even that much more expensive and result in great sleeps as well as good stories. 

Happy Trails!