Monday Misc.


Happy Monday from Brussels!


  • This week was one for the books!
  • Let's start with the big one, we got engaged! We rented a car and spent a couple days wandering through the Scottish Highlands and I couldn't have wished for a more beautiful place for it to happen.
  • Driving on the left side of the road definitely took a bit to get used to and involved a bit of swerving and flirting with the ditch.
  • Scotland's beer game is strong. I love me a good beer aged in a bourbon or whiskey barrel and we had some incredible ones, namely from one of my favorite breweries, Innis & Gunn.
  • After the highlands, we spent some time in Edinburgh, one of my favorite cities. The old town, while pretty touristy, is still super fun to explore with all its winding cobblestone roads and old buildings and churches.
  • We flew into Brussels today and have already had two Belgium waffles. And hot damn they're good.
  • Wednesday we're off to France where I'm hoping to find some good copper cookware and probably a crepe or two!


  • This week we had a couple of exciting moments - we almost ate a Scotch egg, we definitely saw a Highland coo, and we got to drink Innis and Gunn on tap!
  • Kidding. Those were great but the real highlights were getting freaking engaged(!!!), and experiencing the Scottish highlands. Plus having our engagement photos taken by the Kitcheners was surprising because I didn't know they were going to be engagement photos, and lovely because they are two truly wonderful humans.
  • We got into Brussels tonight with Kristen and Kent, Zach's sister and brother in law, and we've already made sure to eat a liège waffle covered in chocolate. It was amazing. So amazing Zach and I were fighting over bites. Tomorrow we're each getting our own. 😂

Happy Trails!