Monday Misc.


Happy Monday!


  • So the super bowl happened and it was a pretty boring game for the first three quarters and then, what the heck Atlanta!?
  • Working hard on albums lately. It's fun going back through weddings and seeing stuff again.
  • Jodi and watched some of the new Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet which features one Drew Barrymore as a zombie. Way better than I expected. There's definitely a handful of scenes that are a little tough to watch in a way that reminds you this didn't come from cable TV.
  • I've been playing around with making fresh homemade pasta. Observations:
  • A. It's actually alot easier than most people probably realize.
  • B. It's super satisfying seeing a gunky mess of eggs and flour turn into a beautiful little ball of pasta
  • C. Best part? Fresh pasta cooks in like a minute so you're eating it quickly after you cut it.
  • Angus and Julia Stone have been on repeat lately. So good.
  • I spent some time doing some much needed cleaning at the studio this weekend so that we could get some photos of the space to share. Look for those to go up this week!


  • A Super Bowl party with commercial bingo! I won a fox tweezer! More importantly though I was surrounded by really good people.

  • Zach's gotten into making homemade pasta lately and we're trying to make fun shapes, which is a lot harder than it looked on the Youtube video. The more I get to know the processes behind how things are made, the more I have respect for people who have become masters at it and the more I realize there is not enough time to do, nay master, all of the things you want to do in life.

  • An early birthday present has led to lots of cake research. Food art! I want to do an installation where attendees get forks!

  • Last night I stayed up way too late watching Puppy Bowl clips and checking out new (to me) music. I really enjoyed some newer Father John Misty and a (previously missed) Local Natives album.

Happy Trails!