Tuesday Misc.

Happy Tuesday folks! Here's what we've been keeping busy with over here:


  • Jodi and I can finally announce Kindling!
  • It's been a project in the works for a couple years but I'm pumped to finally kick it off. We'll be selling some of our candles at a Christmas Market this weekend so the past week has been a flurry of editing and shooting and matches and wax and pizza. (All good things)
  • My current go to for editing music is the soundtrack from an older game called L.A. Noire. Slow and moody and atmospheric. Click here to listen with your ears!
  • Our thanksgiving proved to be pretty low key as we both have lots of work to get done. But we did manage to make quiche and meatloaf. Typical thanksgiving meal, right?


  • The best feeling in the world is feeling healthy after being sick for a week. 
  • We had a truly fun wedding on Saturday confirming once again that we get the best couples. Also if a groom cries, I am 100% guaranteed to cry, too. 
  • Thanksgiving brunch is a new thing I like very much. So is Thanksgiving quiche, even though we very much missed hanging with fam this year. 
  • We’re going to be selling wares at Christkindlmarkt at the Stone Building next weekend. Stop by and say hi in between your mulled wine drinking and waffle eating! 
  • I’ll be honest. These early sunsets are kinda killing me. Any ideas for how to up the hygge here?

Happy Trails Friends!