Tuesday Misc.

The calendar says it's Tuesday. Here's what has happened since the last one.


  • Jodi and I have been busy with a project that we'll be announcing in the next couple days. Exciting and crazy times here!
  • I started reading Dan Brown's new book and so far it's been 80 pages of buildup without much happening, but man he could write about a dirt and make it entertaining.
  • It's been a bit warmer this past week which means we're in the period where everytime Glencoe goes outside he gets covered in mud which, oh boy, makes life fun.
  • Glencoe learned quickly that he likes apple cider doughnuts.
  • We learned quickly that he is able to reach things on our kitchen counter when we're not looking.
  • We'll be getting rid of our studio space at the end of the year which means we're slowly moving things home. We just brought back the water cooler, which you'd be forgiven if it doesn't sound too exciting, but it's awesome having cold and hot water on demand as winter is closing in.


  • The first weekend without a wedding meant a lot of cooking - I made apple cider doughnuts for the first time (they were not pretty mind you, but still delicious) - and a lot of dishes, errands, and winter chores. We also slept in both days! It was pretty rad.
  • I think the best part of last week was getting to work a bit from home on Friday. I got so much done and worked right beside a WINDOW. A window! My current office digs don't include windows, or if they do, they also include never getting anything done, so being productive near a window was the bee's knees.
  • I got to hang out with some badass women on Thursday night and learn about how to support yourself in a creative career. I thought I'd just be teaching some votive making but then voila! Wisdom and camaraderie.
  • Looking for book recommendations! If you have some, let me know! How? Well I have a fancy email over here: jodi@zachdavisphotography.com

Happy Trails Friends!