Monday Misc.

Happy Monday


  • It's officially fall and Jodi and I have finally gotten over a pair of colds that hung around for the past two weeks.
  • Some friends talked me into playing intramural hockey with them this winter. Our first game is in two weeks, which A - seems crazy early with how nice outside it still is, and B - means I'm about to be reminded of how out of hockey shape I am real soon!
  • We have a small break from weddings so it's been great to catch up on a bunch of work and editing.
  • We finally finished Glencoe's dog house. If we're being completely honest here, I have no idea if he'll even use if but it was a super fun project for us to work on. Someday I'd love to design and build our own house/studio so it was a fun first peek into building an actual structure.
  • After watching Chopped last night, we got inspired to make a sponge cake in the microwave. This recipe proved to be surprisingly good for a cake that takes about 4 minutes to make from start to finish.
  • My family will be coming to town this weekend to hang out and relax and I'm pumped.


  • Two weeks ago, my buddy Sarah and I were on the road! We were sleeping in the car and at Airbnb's, hiking in National Forests, and exploring towns along the way. One night, in the middle of a forest, we looked up and the stars were so brilliantly layered, they were multidimensional and brighter than any other stars I've ever seen. Another day, we were sitting in a coffee shop in the middle of Grand Rapids and a man offered a passerby who asked for it, a cigarette, and then returned his coffee cup and everyone replied, "Thanks Gerry!". It was one of those moments where you believe in humanity so fully it literally fills you up.
  • We didn't have a wedding this weekend so I volunteered to PA a ND Tourism shoot in Grand Forks and got to hang out with some talented photographers based in Carbondale, CO. I also got to watch part of the UND score four goals against the MN Gophers, which was a pretty great job perk.
  • On Sunday, after a scare with Glencoe running after another dog who ran off her leash, and raking up leaves that the wind blew immediately all around the yard again, I got to film a piece for a friend's dance project called Rise. Today my hip flexors are nice and sore.
  • I hope there's one more good chance to go camping before it turns into winter but you never know around here what the weather will be like. Crossing my fingers though that we get to put Glen in a tent soon!
  • This coming weekend I'm hoping we get to go to a pumpkin patch, but I hear they don't sell apple cider doughnuts at these things, so I'm just going to have to make my own and bring them with us!

Happy Trails!