Tuesday Misc.

Happy Tuesday!


  • We had a wedding Saturday and an engagement session (in a conservatory!) four hours away Sunday Morning so it was a busy weekend but man were both couples a blast to work with!
  • Jodi is off in Canada for a couple days so it's just the pup helping me to edit and watch hockey this week.
  • Getting sick in the middle of everything really sucks. Luckily I was able to sleep for most of Monday when Glencoe wasn't jumping on me.
  • I'm in the process of building a new standing desk. It's gonna be a decent amount of work but I think it's gonna be pretty awesome when it's done.
  • Somehow I had missed that a new Dan Brown book was coming out but I'm pumped to jump back into non-stop cliff hangers and random historical facts and probably a good helping of murder.


  • I’m currently somewhere in Canada with my friend Sarah. We’re heading east, exploring Canada’s National Forests and hopefully meeting some delightful Canadians along the way. 
  • This weekend Aubrey and Eric got married and perhaps one of my favorite things about them is how up for anything they are. If you ever meet them, you’ll know because you’ll immediately want to be their best friends. And they have chickens! They’re great. 
  • The crisp fall air has been perfect for clearing my head during afternoon walks. My only regret is not planting a whole yard full of squash! 
  • I’m trying to run consistently. Oddly enough having a border collie is a great motivator because the pup has seemingly endless energy. One day he’ll even be able to accompany on longer runs and hikes and for that I cannot wait. Adventure pup in the making! 

Happy Trails!