Monday Misc.


Happy Monday friends! Here's what's been going down:


  • Jodi headed to Florida for a couple days at home with her mom so I had some time alone at home which was actually kind of nice. Got work and alot of reading done.
  • Last week we watched the first episode of the new season of The Bachelor and were reminded of how of a terrible trainwreck that whole thing is. Yet, it's still so entertaining.
  • Jodi and I got a rice cooker for Christmas which has opened up a whole new world of cooking options. We made some decent sushi (too heavy on the rice) and some great steamed pork buns.
  • With Netflix doing a Series of Unfortunate Events show soon, I've gone back to those books. I've read the first handful of them (there's thirteen!) and always meant to come back so it's as good a time as any. Also, Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf should be really interesting. I have high hopes.
  • A couple weeks ago I bought a Fuji X100S camera. It'll be my go to travel camera from here on it when I don't need to the big gear. I'm loving it so far. It has a really cool film camera look and with lots of physical dials and knobs, it's alot of fun to shoot with.


  • Track and Field on the original Nintendo is so much fun! It's essentially you as a pixelated runner + a DDR style mat. Considering how poorly I did on the hurdles in the game, I don't think I have a future as a professional hurdler. But the 90's! What a decade.
  • I really get a kick out of Zach's niece Sadie. She loves to laugh. It was a lot of fun watching her learn new words... like "hockey", which sounds like "aww-kee" when she says it.
  • I got to visit my mom this weekend in Florida! After a week of being snowed in twice, I felt like I had hopped in a scientific time warp machine that transported me to summer because the temperature change was so drastic (-10 degrees to 80 degrees in the span of three hours!). I didn't hate it. I'll say that much.
  • My mom got me a sewing machine for Christmas (!) and I took a class with it yesterday to get comfortable sewing on it. I can finally finish that apron my friend Ashley taught me how to make at Unglued Camp.
  • Coming back to all the snow is beautiful. Truly, truly beautiful. 

Happy Trails!