Monday Misc.


Happy New Year and Happy Monday!
Here's the lowdown:


  • It's good to be in 2017 and sit down for a bit as our last couple days were wild. Two weddings in two days with about 500 miles of roads between them covered in snow and ice. But we made it and both couples were killer and it proved to be a wonderful way to close out the year.
  • This winter is definitely making it's presence known. We've been covered in snow the past couple weeks. Other than driving through it, it's the best.
  • I've introduced Jodi to the Rocky movies. She's never seen any of them and it's been quite awhile for me too so I forgot how good that first one is. Soon she'll get to meet Ivan Drago too!
  • My sister got us an Amazon Echo for Christmas. Super cool being able to easily put music on in the kitchen while we're cooking. Also, you can ask it for random dog facts. Win. 
  • We've started to plan what we'll be doing in March when we head to Europe for a few weeks. I think we'll make it up to Edinburgh which is one of my favorite cities. They offer haunted tours of their underground tunnels which are awesome so we might have to look into that. Might have to stop at a bar first to pick up a little courage.


  • It's officially 2017! The end of 2016 seemed to be full of doubles.
  • We had two weddings back to back - one in Pelican Rapids, MN and the other in Bowman, ND this weekend! Snowy winter weddings are so dreamy. The couples were genuinely great people, which made lots of hazardous driving and standing in the cold worth it (especially since we didn't have to be in wedding dresses!). Seriously, winter brides, you amaze me.
  • We also have gotten snowed into Dickinson twice now in the past week. I'm very thankful for Zach's parents for letting us stay with them for such long stretches (and eat their food)!
  • But... I also got to go ice fishing for the first time! Didn't catch a thing, mind you, but it was really fun to try.
  • On a literary note, I just finished a young adult novel called "Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe". It wasn't what I expected, though it was philosophical in nature, but I can't recommend it enough for parents of teens, for teens themselves, and for anyone who needs a little hope going into the New Year. I'm not going to say more about it because discovering the story as I read it was entirely too rewarding to spoil that for others.

Happy Trails!