Monday Misc.


Happy Holiday Monday!


  • I'm excited for when the new health craze that sweeps the country is the "Shovel the Driveway Workout" and everyone comes up to the midwest and shovels for us because I'm getting sick of it. This all sounds plausible, right?
  • Jodi talked about it but man, soup is dang good. What's even better? Lot's of soup with lot's of friends in winter.
  • Last time I was in Scotland, I mainly spent time in Edinburgh. I love that city but when we head back we're gonna rent a car and go explore that highlands and mountains! We've been researching a ton lately and I'm getting more and more excited every day!
  • I have zero aspirations to be a child photographer, but when it's my nephew and funfetti cake is involved for his first birthday I can be swayed. Good times. Serious props to people that photograph little kids and babies and make it look easy!
  • Our buddy found one of those little Nintendo minis so we've been playing a lot of old school games lately. Which led to us busting out the Nintendo 64 for some intense Mario Party action.
  • We made tzatziki sauce yesterday for the first time to go with some gyros and was surprised by how simple it is. Through a couple things in the blender and chop it all up. So good.
  • I've been meeting up with a ton of couples lately and getting excited for what's gonna be some killer weddings this year!


  • This weekend we hosted a Soup Dinner Party Potluck! I made an ok vegan potato and corn chowder but luckily friends brought delicious varieties including beer cheese, butternut, chili, knoephla, fish head (with a real fish head in it!), and venison. I think that's all of them. But luckily we had people also bring cake (still dreaming of that peanut butter frosting), an elderflower cocktail, and a giant loaf of bread. We feasted and it was magnificent.
  • On Sunday I got to see Zach's nephews. Jude freaking loves exploring, and the snow, and new things. It was really cool to watch him learn how to bounce tree limbs to launch the snow from their tops.
  • Has anyone else realized how pure hearted Rocky Balboa is? It's disarming and goes against most archetypes of 'heroes' in action movies from that time period. The only things that might be better are the tight zooms and music choices.
  • We're currently planning a trip to Europe and let me say, I've never planned travel before. It's kind of cool to find a bunch of areas you want to explore and try to find a way to see them all as opposed to the usual book the flight, ask for a place to stay once you get there from a new coffee shop acquaintance, and end up giving your passport to a man in Venice who throws in on the top shelf of his bar and escorts you and your friends to a room that was probably his sisters'.

Happy Trails!