Monday Misc.


Happy Monday! The days keep passing and Fargo continues to have crazy weather. Last week felt like summer was coming to an end until this weekend was blazing hot. And as I write this, there's a chilly breeze coming through the window and it feels positively Autumn. Here's what we've been up to.

  • We spent this week dogsitting for some friends that are on vacation in Iceland. Jodi and I would both love to get a dog but it'd be tough right now with how often we travel. This was a fun little tease though.
  • The fine folks from Dainty Obsessions Magazine stopped by the studio recently to chat about life and travel and photography. You can check out the article here!
  • Hockey is finally a thing again! My whole family grew up playing so I've always loved watching it. The World Cup of Hockey is happening right now which means there's been a lot of friends and beer and chips and cheering at our place lately.  
  • We continued our Artist Study series with the talented Molly Yeh this week. Lady can make a cake in her sleep I tell ya!
  • Autumn is easily my favorite season so I love that it's also one of the most popular times to take engagement photos! Crisp air and crunchy leaves all around.
  • I've always thought it'd be really fun to have photos taken everywhere that Jodi and I live together. Our friends Ryan and Ashley stopped by our old apartment right before we moved out to snap some and they absolutely killed it. Check them out here!

Happy Trails!