Monday Misc.


Happy Labor Day. I hope that you're reading this tomorrow on Tuesday and you're spending your Labor Day adventuring some where or hanging out with friends or reading a good book. Here's what we've been up to:

  • We spent the weekend at Unglued Summer Camp. It's basically like summer camp for adults which means great food and a lot of booze and a crazy dance and tons of games and crafts. It was an awesome time.
  • Jodi taught a couple of small dance workshops at camp and I photographed all the happenings. Definitely one of the craziest dances I've ever seen!
  • I did get to take a couple classes as well! Yesterday morning I learned how to make sushi! There's a lot to it but easier that I would have figured. I need to have a huge sushi making party with friends soon.
  • We finally have our new place clean after moving in 5 weeks ago. Feels great to not have random boxes and stuff sitting everywhere.
  • We're dogsitting this week for friends, which is basically Jodi's dream come true. We'd love to get our own but we're on the road so much that it'll have to wait for awhile.
  • Finally, I got a mountain bike recently and have been exploring some of Fargo's trails which are actually surprisingly fun for such a flat city. There's something super satisfying about getting done with a ride all sweaty and covered in mud.