Monday Misc.


Hey Y'all. Happy Monday! Ok it's not Monday but I forgot to throw this up yesterday and for the sake of continuity, I'm still calling it a Monday post. Jodi and I just got back from two weeks in Washington. We hiked and camped and swam and ate and alot more. Here's a quick update!

  • Our original plan was to spend eight days hiking around Mt. Rainier but after getting on the trail a day later than we wanted (permit issues) and remembering that mountains are super big and tiring, we opted to cut the trail short and be able to fit in more small trips.
  • So we were able to hit up backpacking in North Cascades National Park and camping on the beach at Olympic National Park as well. Worth it.
  • It was truly wonderful to get away from work for awhile. One of the awesome pros of being self employed is that you can pick you own hours and work in your pajamas if you desire, but that means it's very hard to every be off the clock which can be exhausting.
  • Which meant we had time to read! Jodi and I both read through the new Harry Potter book/screenplay. Definitely not quite on par with the main books but well worth the read and man it's fun to jump back into that world for a new adventure.
  • We did manage to squeeze in a couple of shoots out there as well! It's incredibly refreshing and exciting to shoot in a place that is completely different than my norm. Also, let's be real, photographers that live near the mountains have it so much easier.
  • There's so much good music coming out! Loving what I've heard of the new Bon Iver so far!
  • One thing that I remember every time I travel is how much I appreciate people from the Midwest and their kindness. That's not to say that there aren't wonderful people everywhere, but I do honestly believe that, as a whole, we have some of the most awesome people out there.