Monday Misc.


Happy Monday! Holy cow it’s been a busy week for Jodi and me. We got the keys to our new place (pictures coming soon!) on Friday morning and then shot a wonderful wedding on Saturday. Almost every waking moment not at the wedding was spent packing and carrying boxes and unpacking and cleaning. Here’s what we learned this week:

  • Moving a piano is not easy. One of the reasons that I’ve been most excited to move to a bigger place was to have space for a piano. Luckily I found a beautiful upright on Craigslist for free, but holy crap was getting it moved and into the new house a pain. Newfound respect for professional piano movers!
  • You find all sorts of amazing hidden things when you clean out and pack up everything you own. Some of the highlights: our road map of Winnipeg (we can now actually know where we are driving when we’re up there and without cell service!) and a jar of apple cider that must not have had a tight seal and was sporting a truly impressive chunk of mold like I’ve never seen before. It’s basically kombucha now, right?
  • We shot two more artist studies this week that I can’t wait to share. We just started sharing the second set of these so if you missed it, check out last week’s on Diane Miller right here.
  • After living right downtown, near a church and the train tracks, our new place is almost eerily quiet. It’ll take awhile to get used to falling asleep without cars and trains and people wandering out of nearby dive bars.
  • One of the things we’re most excited for about the new place is having an actual dining room. No more, or probably less, eating every meal on the couch.