Monday Misc.


Happy Monday friends!

It's been crazy hot and sweaty for the past week and I feel like we've been sweating the whole time. Here's what's been going down:

  • We headed out to Medora, ND for an awesome outdoor wedding. Medora was kinda of like my backyard growing up so it's always fun to get back out there and explore a bit. Teddy Roosevelt NP has to be one of the most underrated national parks out there.
  • We move to our new place this Friday! We've begun packing and going through everything we own in the attempt of getting rid of a ton of things that we don't use or need.
  • We started watching Stranger Things on Neflix and are loving it. It's this mix of eighties-sci-fi-mystery-twilight-zone awesomeness. We haven't quite finished it yet so don't spoil it for us.
  • If you've never eaten Chimes before, you need to stop what you're doing and go find some. They're ginger chews and come in a handful of different flavors, though mango is the best. Hands down my favorite candy right now.