Monday Misc.


Happy Monday!

Here's our weekly update:

  • We've been on a cherry binge. They might be the perfect summertime snack.
  • Last Tuesday we took photos for an artist study on Bernbaum's in downtown Fargo. They've only been open for about four months or so but they're killing it. Best bagels in town. And the brisket sandwich is dynamite!
  • The Fargo Farmer's Market is finally back! It's awesome being able to walk a couple blocks in the morning and grab some fresh beets and tomatoes.
  • We're moving to a bigger place in two weeks so I'm starting to think about what new things we'll need for it and what I can build. Right now I'm thinking some kind of kitchen island and a new dinner table.
  • Which means I get to go hunt for some awesome wood. My buddy Seth over at ICSS Supply has a warehouse filled with tons of reclaimed wood. It's like walking through a candy store, thinking about what we could use them for.
  • One of my favorite things about the new place? Opening the front door and being in our home. After a couple of apartments that required multiple flights of steps and doors before I was home, it's gonna be soooooo much easier moving into this place.

Until next week,
Happy trails!