Monday Misc.


Happy Monday! It's been an up and down week. We had an awesome shoot before heading down to the Black Hills in South Dakota with family for some climbing and camping. The trip ended up being cut short after half of us got hit with some pretty intense food sickness from some ice cream. Here's what else happened.

  • Hiking up to Harney Peak. It's an old fire lookout tower that is the highest point east of the Rockies in the US. It's crazy how far you can see when you're up there. It also served to remind us that we need to get in much better shape before attempt the Wonderland Trail in August.
  • We've been watching season two of Chef's Table on Netflix. If you haven't watched any of them, seriously go watch an episode. Has to be one of the most beautifully shot shows I've ever seen.
  • We headed out to Pipestem Dam near Jamestown for an engagement session with a wonderful couple. We're so lucky to have couples that are as excited as us for photos.
  • Preparing for our second Film and Feast dinner, this one with a Mediterranean theme. If you're interested, you can get tickets here.
  • The ukulele might be one of the best instruments to learn for beginners. Most of the chords are pretty easy and unlike a guitar, the strings are soft so they don't hurt your fingers.

Happy Trails!