Monday Misc.


Happy Monday everyone!

Here's what's been going down:

  • If you didn't already notice, we revamped the website! It was in the works for awhile and I'm super happy with it. I wanted something that really put focus on the photos and made it fun to look through older posts. Go check out the blog page, it's my favorite!
  • We've been doing a few in-home shoots lately and they might be one of my favorite things. There's something super fun about photographing a couple where they live and it just adds so much more personality to the photos. Really hoping to do more of these!
  • Jodi and I are learning how to play the ukulele. We've both also been learning guitar lately but it's fun to switch back and forth to something a little simpler and easier.
  • We shot a wedding this weekend in 95° heat and it didn't take long to get pretty sweaty. We need to start bringing a cooler and extra shirts with to every wedding!
  • We've started looking for a house to rent. As much as I love our little (tiny) apartment, the thought of a garage and and a bigger kitchen and more storage sounds amazing. Let the hunting begin!
  • We're headed down to the Black Hills in South Dakota this coming weekend for some hiking and climbing and swimming. I grew up camping down there a few times a year and Jodi's never been so I'm excited to show her some of my favorite places.