Monday-ing May 30


Happy Memorial Day Monday friends! This week we lost the battle against the heat. We finally brought up the AC unit from the basement so that we didn't have to wake up sticky and hot in 80 degree weather. Here's what else happened:

Eating homemade lasagna and taking photos. Our friends Ashley and Seth invited us into their cute, little apartment for photos and *made* us stay for some really great veggie lasagna afterwards. No complaints.

Exploring Detroit Lakes and having photos taken. This time we were on the other side of the camera for most of the shoot. We hung out with Olivia Erickson and went out to Detroit Lakes to wander and shoot. We ended the night barefeet and eating Mexican. There are worse ways to end an evening.

Playing kickball. Our first kickball game was Wednesday night and it was a blast even though we lost 4-3. Super muddy conditions thanks to a rainy morning made it extra fun.

Pulling a muscle at the kickball game. I quickly realized that in my twenties I don't often run full speed and kick things really hard as much as I used to.

Making creme brûlée. A little bit finicky, but totally worth it. It used to be Jodi's birthday dessert tradition so she's been wanting to try making it herself ever since I gave her one of those little kitchen torches. And so far no burns!

Keeping the streak alive. It was my birthday yesterday so we headed out of the country to Winnipeg! My sixth year in a row celebrating my birthday abroad! Only a day trip this year, but enjoyable nonetheless thanks to Chinese food, boba tea, and happening across some unexpected Asian Appreciation Month performances.

Now get out there and enjoy this weather!
Happy Trails.