Monday-ing May 23


Feliz Monday! It's been a crazy weekend and I feel like Jodi and I have been running all over the place for the past couple days. But I love it. Getting busy and getting stuff done is one of those things that sounds like a pain when I'm in a lazy funk but it's addictive when you're in the midst of it. Here's the LD:

Taking pictures. Shoots on shoots on shoots. It's been a blast getting to know different couples, hearing their stories, and making them jump into rivers or wake up before 6am.

Making ice cream. Kitchen-aids are magical. I got an ice cream attachment for Christmas and it has been getting a work out recently. We concocted a dairy free mango-orange-ginger coconut ice cream which we topped with chili powder. Currently taking suggestions for our next attempt.

Washing dishes. Always. Constantly. We seriously need to stop cooking so we can stop washing dishes. I'd be lying if I said we didn't base a couple meals this week on what few dishes were still clean. So I won't say that.

Running like slugs. Jodi planned an event called the First Ever Slug Run in Moorhead which took place after the Fargo Marathon this past Saturday and somehow convinced me to come take photos of it. I obliged, ate a doughnut, and watched little kids race like slugs, bears, rabbits, and frogs.

Warming up for kickball. Adult intramural athletics in Fargo is apparently not a joke. We had our first practice last week and we have our first game this week. Look out guys, New Kicks on the Block is bringing its best feet forward so you should probably prepare (how many kickball puns is too many kickball puns?).