Monday-ing - May 16


Happy Monday! Here's what's up!

Hosting film and feast. Jodi and I hosted out first dinner party event in the studio this past weekend and it was amazing. Molly Yeh absolutely killed it and served up an unbelievable Israeli mezze spread. We're in the process of planning the second dinner so stay tuned!

Shooting more artist studies. I started the series last year as I way for me to learn more about some of the super cool artists in the area and their processes. You can check those out here. Jodi is working with me this time around, which is great as she's a much better writer than I, and we'll be featuring some amazing people. Can't wait to share them!

Enjoying the trees in Fargo. It seems like everything decided to blossom this week, so all the parks and roads are filled with whites and pinks and purples. And it smells great.

Getting unlucky with outlets! We somehow managed to blow out fuses at our apartment and the studio. We now know that you shouldn't plug a fridge and two toaster ovens and a projector and a water cooler and a dartboard into the same outlet. Lesson learned!