Monday Misc.


Happy Monday!

Here's what's been happening:


  • It was good to get outside and shoot an engagement session with a great couple after sitting in front of the computer editing for the past few weeks.
  • As Jodi mentioned, we check off my mandatory once a year bowling night. There are few things that make you feel like you're entering a whole different world like walking into a bowling alley filled with people. They're all wearing special shoes and shirts and we might as well be in another country. I did manage to throw a couple strikes so I'll call it a successful night.
  • I played some pickup hockey with a friend last night. I was in hockey for years growing up but it's probably the first time that I've played in an actual "game" in ten years. I say "game" because it was still pretty relaxed. No refs, no rules, no score keeping. Just a bunch of guys having fun.
  • We did the whole plastic sheets on the windows thing for insulation this week and I'm happy to say it's made a huge difference. Our house was pretty cold up to this point but now it's atleast bearable.
  • Tis the season of Christmas parties! Eggnog and sugar cookies and crazy dances and white elephant for all!


  • I'm going to only admit this once. Some old time-y country songs sound wonderful live. Last night at Junkyard a great group of older gentlemen were playing old covers of Wagon Wheel, Ring of Fire, and the like and it made me want to dance. I settled with tapping my foot a lot.
  • We had a shoot this weekend in the cold! And it was grand. My toes were numb but Maggie and Jared had great spirits and trampled through Gooseberry with us in the slick mud/snow combo. We got to laugh and take photos while our noses turned red. What could be better than that?!
  • The equation for a kickass Christmas party = delightful humans (to the nth degree) + great dance party music + caroling + crafts + libations. Zach and I danced ourselves clean.
  • We convinced a friend to let us celebrate his birthday with him and it took a turn for greatness when we decided on a whim to go bowling. After some beginner's luck, I am still a bad bowler. Did you know that cosmic bowling still happens?! Also, bowling alleys need not be technologically advanced, well decorated, or conveniently located for them to still be packed on a Friday night. Long live bowling alleys!
  • And one last very important note: I introduced Zach to Love Actually. I know. I KNOW.

Happy Trails!