Monday Misc.


Happy Monday! Jodi and I had very different weekends as she traveled down to Houston for a friend's wedding and I stay back in our frigid home.


  • Fun fact: having your heat go out when the temperature is below zero is not ideal. We had two days this weekend when the house got down to about 30° before it was fixed. Space heaters and lots of blankets all around!
  • I am by no means a pet photographer and I have no desire to be one, but I shot a dog photo booth this weekend that Unglued helped put on downtown and had a great time! The subjects were not quite as cooperative but much more fun to play with.
  • We're finalizing our gift lists and I can't wait for to get home for Christmas and see everyone and eat and nap and repeat.


  • I got to see college friends this weekend at a wedding in Houston and we danced like it was 2008.
  • My car gas tank cover froze shut so that was fun. I thought it meant I had to move immediately (heh) but with Zach's ingenuity and a hairdryer, all was well again.
  • Houston has a butterfly museum! While we were making our way through the tropical butterfly house, a butterfly landed on my arm! It was magical. Also, fun fact: insect poop is called frass.
  • I never thought coming back to a snow globe would be as delightful as it is... and it was even more delightful being so close to Christmas!

Happy Trails!