Monday Misc.


Happy Monday! Winter is officially here and the streets and trees are white.


  • After our awesome Friendsgiving last month, we hosted a smaller Friendsmas this past weekend with a bout ten of our friends. Potlucks have to be one of the best inventions ever. It's super fun to be able to make something new for a big group of people and see what everyone else brings and hope that we don't just end up with seven different kinds of potatoes.
  • As much as I love winter, man does it suck when the sun sets at five. Really makes it hard to be productive in the evening.
  • That said, the ice rinks just got flooded recently so some outdoor skating is in our near future!
  • I've been very much enjoying Jodi's recent experiments with bread.


  • Snow! Snow! Snowwww!
  • I'm trying to learn how to make bread. None of my loaves are rivaling those of a French bakery just yet, but it's been a fun process getting to know wheat and yeast a little better. Science is cool.
  • I just finished Letter To My Daughter by Maya Angelou. She's lived a life and a half and seemed to possess such dignity in times of struggle.
  • Speaking of incredible women, my friend Anna is getting married this weekend and it's going to be a sweet reunion in Houston!
  • Give me dinner parties or give me death! More of these please - big or small.

Happy Trails!