Monday Misc.


Happy Monday! We continue to enjoy September in November


  • With the exception of a few shoots here and there, we're pretty much done for the year. It's definitely easy to get burned out during the summer when you're always shooting and working on ten different things so a little time to re-energize will be great.
  • I've been watching Band of Brothers this week while editing and man, it's brutal. It's super well done and really shows how brutal WWII was.
  • I'm going to attempt to build a new computer this week for the first time. I've been researching and comparing parts for a couple weeks and finally pulled the trigger yesterday so now I get to play the waiting game til they arrive and I try not to short everything out.
  • I love soup.
  • Somehow we've made it another whole week in November and are still able to keep the windows open. I am excited for snow and winter but I can't complain with more fall either.
  • (Jodi always writes way more than me!)


  • We're planning a Friendsgiving at our house this Saturday! I am so so so so excited for it. Turkey, cranberries, veggie meatloaf, mashed taters, bread, bourbon, pie, apples, beer, the works! And best of all, it's with a ragtag group of friends and friends of friends. I should've waited to include this in next week's post but I'm exploding with anticipation and JOY.
  • I hung out with the loveliest of ladies last week and we all chatted over crackers, hummus, and wine. I'm grateful to know pretty amazing women here like these two who ask hard questions and want to make a difference in their communities.
  • On Friday, while Zach was photographing people for a Christmas photobooth at Unglued downtown, I bebopped around the shop chatting with people...and hopefully was not being too obnoxious as I persuaded people to make silly faces at Zach. Unglued is a magical place.
  • Saturday night my friend Sarah and I went on a pretty spontaneous camping trip to Glendalough State Park. We almost didn't get a fire started but then huzzah! Fire! It was so refreshing to get outside and take advantage of above freezing temps in November. I came home smelling properly smokey with dirt under my fingernails. It was perfect.
  • And before any of that could happen, there was a major election (I guess all elections should be treated like major elections, though, shouldn't they?) on Tuesday. I don't want to go into too much here, but I've started wearing a safety pin on my person because I want to be a safe space. I think that it's important to remind people they are valued.

Happy Trails!