Monday Misc.


Happy Monday! Fall in Fargo continues to be ridiculous as we shot a warm wedding this weekend that I was totally convinced was gonna be snow-covered. Here's what else went down:


  • We've both had a pretty busy week of just hunkering down and getting work done and now we're in Dickinson for a couple days for a shoot and a wedding show.
  • I love chatting with couples about their plans but wedding shows continue to one of the weirdest things ever.
  • Westworld continues to be mind bending and crazy and one of the best shows I've watched in a long time. Every episode throws some kind of curveball at you that makes you start rethinking everything you thought you knew about it.
  • Everyone should makes friends with a massage therapist. I've starting trading shooting some short films for massages with a friend and I'm pumped. Gonna be much needed after a summer full of carrying camera bags all over the places for hours at a time.
  • Only a couple more days and we can all stop hearing about the election!


  • I was trying to think what I did besides work this week and there's not a whole heck of a lot. But Thursday night my friend Sarah and I saw The Lowest Pair over a couple of cocktails!

  • More and more it's clear that a good wedding doesn't depend on decorations. Our favorite weddings are always the ones with a couple who loves each other and shares that love generously with their family and friends. Saturday was a good wedding.

  • Sunday we headed to Dickinson, which means besides the photography stuff, we got to hang out with Zach's goofball niece Sadie. She's a little too good at sharing... which means I frequently get handed licked string cheese, toys, and lettuce butts.

  • I'm currently working with The Good Dinosaur playing in the background (excellent choice, Sadie) and I'm learning some pretty valuable life lessons, namely that you had the courage you needed within you but it takes leaving home sometimes to figure that out.

Happy Trails!