Monday Misc.


Happy Monday!

After a long and restful and wonderful holiday weekend, it's back to work. Here's what we've been up to:


  • Jodi and I hosted a Friendsgiving potluck dinner last weekend that was awesome. We originally only planned to have a couple people over but kept thinking of more and more friends and by the end, we had roughly 25 people at the table. So cool!
  • We then made a dinner for just the two of us on Thanksgiving. It's been awhile so we did a lot cooking. It was a lot of fun to play around and get creative with squash and potatoes and cranberries. Why can't we have a Thanksgiving every month?
  • Anybody who thinks that mashed potatoes are better without the skins is a liar and is not to be trusted.
  • Also, eggnog is back on sale again and that makes me happy.
  • Neither of us really jumped in on the Black Friday shopping but I did order a new 4K computer monitor that I'm pretty excited to test out for editing and see if having a higher resolution will speed up my workflow much.
  • I haven't picked up a camera in a couple of weeks. As much as I love photography, it's definitely been really nice to let some of those creative muscles relax a bit lately and focus on editing after a crazy past couple of months.
  • We've been going down the marvel tv show rabbit hole lately. We just finished up Luke Cage which was awesome. Currently watching Jessica Jones. Very film noiry which a is super cool change.


  • Gilmore Girls! I was disappointed at first. I felt like the characters needed more time to settle back into themselves. But by Fall, and maybe that's just Amy Sherman Palladino's touch, they had found themselves again - both in character and in direction. Generally, even though no one actually pulls out that many pop culture references in a conversation, it's entertaining and often times too relatable.
  • Thanksgiving was quieter this year compared to most but also really cozy. It felt very much at home. I may be alone in this, but no one will ever convince me that Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving at a restaurant.
  • My friend Sarah and I went to Buffalo State Park, made a fire (pretty darn successfully too I might add) and cooked bread and veggies over it for dinner one night. I got there a little early, and walked along trails until my fingers started getting numb, and took a moment to soak in the gratitude I have for simple joys like food over a fire, friends, and stars.
  • Friendsgiving gave me all the warm and fuzzies. There's something of real magic in getting people together over a table full of food.
  • The day after, we marathoned a few of the Harry Potter movies. #HouseGryffindor obviously.
  • I started working at the Unglued pop up in the mall. It's been an honor to work for Unglued's owner Ashley, who herself works so hard, and is one of the best bosses around... and did I mention there are cookies and crafts!?! It's been a blast. Come visit!

Happy Trails!