Monday Misc.


Happy Halloween! Jodi and I went to costume party on Saturday so today will be pretty relaxed for us. Here's what went down this week:


  • We spent most of the week down in Florida. The past couple months have been pretty busy as our wedding season is winding down so it was really great to just relax in the warm weather for awhile.
  • We ate so much good seafood! I tried alligator for the first time, which was pretty good, although it's hard to go wrong when you bread and fry anything!
  • There are few things in life as enjoyable as running straight into the ocean until it knocks you over and then getting up and doing it again. and again. and again.
  • Hot Tip: Risky Business Tom Cruise is the easiest Halloween costume ever! White socks, white undies, pink shirt (white works too), and a pair of shades. Dancing. Done.
  • The peanut butter filled pretzels from Trader Joe's have been my go to snack this weekend as I'm editing. They don't seem super unhealthy (I'm probably totally wrong about that) so it's easy to just keep eating them.
  • We've started searching for fun recipes for our upcoming Friendsgiving. The front runner so far is Fried Rice Stuffing!


  • Happy Halloween! Zach and I dressed up as Tom Cruise's character from Risky Business and it was a cold run from the car to the party. Let the record reflect that the Prescott Building knows how to throw a party.
  • Last week we were in Florida! We swam in the ocean! I love the ocean. It definitely knows me by name (Patrick Rothfuss Name of the Wind anyone?).
  • Also at the above mentioned party, we snuck upstairs to watch an episode of Black Mirror with a couple of hippies. This particular episode focused on the role social media plays in defining your worth. It was both really scary and incredibly intriguing.
  • On Saturday we shot a home session with another photographer and her husband. They have three dogs who were very excited to make new friends, about which I was definitely not mad.
  • Sunday walks are my jam. My friend Sarah and I wandered about downtown chatting, refreshing my soul and legs in the process.

Happy Trails!