Carly + Blake


When we met Blake and Carly, something they said struck us as incredibly loving. We were talking about how Blake knew Carly was the women he wanted to marry and how Carly knew Blake was the man she wanted to spend her years getting the early bird special with. They mentioned that when one of them was in a bad mood, the other noticed. He or she was careful to be gentle, to go the extra mile and do dishes, to be thoughtful and allow the person time. No one tried to fix the problem. And the way they said the whole thing was so matter of fact that you could tell they deeply respected one another. So much so that the thing they were most excited for was life - not the beautiful wedding they planned, or any of the stuff that surrounds marriage, but the simple act of being committed forever to the person they loved most.

It was no surprise then, that their wedding a blast. The hot sun, the harsh wind, the schedule - nothing could keep them from fully enjoying themselves all day. And the ease at which they felt made the wedding effortlessly lovely. (Those Badlands didn't hurt either.)