Monday Misc.


Happy Monday! We've been on the road in Colorado for a wedding this weekend and have been shooting up a storm. Here's what else went down:

  • Mountains, man. Mountains! I love Fargo and the community there, but it's so much fun to explore and shoot in the mountains.
  • This weekend's wedding featured a mariachi band plus some amazing dance moves and singing. I love a family that knows how to get down and celebrate.
  • It's definitely starting to feel like winter is coming. Which means it's time to bust out the heavy sweaters and scarves and boots. Not all bad.
  • Our Denver drive might actually be the short road trip of the year for us! Jodi has a wedding (to attend! weird, right?) in Houston in December and then Christmas in Jacksonville. Rather than flying we're gonna hop in the car and head down to Texas and over to Florida and then back up to Chicago and over to Dickinson. We're gonna need some serious snacks.
  • I continue to be dumbfounded that I get to meet up with awesome couples and photograph them in beautiful places. That can be a job?! We're so insanely fortunate.

Happy Trails!