Monday-ing - May 4

Monday-ing - May 4

What a week! I spent most of last week in Minneapolis for a couple shoots and concerts and after a few days back in Fargo, started on a roadtrip out to Washington and Oregon with some friends. Here's the lowdown:

Camping in Montana. It's been too long. Feels good to sit by campfires and sleep under the stars again.

Eating street tacos. It seems like everyone and their mother are selling street tacos know, which, from as far as I can tell, is just the name for tacos with only meat and some kind of salsa/pico on top. And corn tortillas, because they're awesome. But I'm on board.

Exploring waterfalls and hidden/non-existent paths. We hiked in to an awesome little lagoon area and took a very chilly, yet refreshing, dip.

Meeting up with old friends and sleeping on floors. So good!

Reading The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon. I read the first half of it a couple years back and remember really loving it and can't remember why I never finished it. Regardless, it's a super fun read and a great period piece of 1930's New York.

Drinking some great beer. The Pacific Northwest really knows how to do it when it comes to brewing beer. Seriously, it's like every town over here has at least eight different breweries. It's heaven!

Driving. A lot.