Monday-ing - May 11

Monday-ing - May 11

After about two weeks on the road I'm back in Fargo. Over the past eleven days two friends and I drove out to Washington and Oregon to explore and eat and visit friends. Here's what went done:

Finding all sorts of crazy things in the Chinatowns of different cities. We explored Vancouver's Chinatown and got some great pastries and some questionable pastries and checked out some awesome butcher shops and tried to guess what was in the countless jars of random items in others.

Standing in awe of the ocean. Seriously, I don't think I will ever not be amazed at the beauty of the ocean. Stunning. I could just stand in the sand and let the water wash over my toes for hours.

Getting lost in some incredible book shops in Portland, Vancouver, and Bellingham.

Sitting by campfires. While camping. On my deck back at home. On a jutting rocky outcropping between the water and a railroad track. I don't care where, campfires are always great.

Feeling super jealous of the scenery that photographers in the Pacific Northwest get to work with. Don't get me wrong, I love the Midwest, but I was constantly seeing shops and rivers and hikes and seasides and trails and mountains and on and on that I would love to bring couples to.

Eating some phenomenal ice cream at Salt and Straw. It's one of those things everyone tells you that you must do while in Portland and for good reason. Also food trucks! I want to shake the hand of whoever invented the food truck. We owe him so much.

Loving some great garage sale and thrift stores finds lately. I found some beautiful heavy copper mixing bowls, some great old western records, and an awesome book of giant maps among other things.