Monday-ing - April 6

Monday-ing - April 6

Easter has come and gone and it was truly one of the best weekends that I can remember in a long long time! I met so many amazing people. I spent quality time, and ridiculous game-playing time, with great friends. I cooked and ate and rested. I also did these things:

Feeling very blessed with the people and opportunities that have entered my life recently. 2014 was pretty awesome but 2015 is making a strong case for itself already.

Making moscow mules again. Absolutely my go-to drink for warm summer days. You can get all fancy and make your own ginger syrup (it's a pain in the butt but totally worth it!) but just the juice from half a lime, 2 ounces vodka (coconut vodka if you're feeling tropical), half a can of ginger beer, and a couple ice cubes makes a damn fine drink.

Loving 20 Below Coffee! Fargo's newest coffeeshop is quickly turning into a wonderful meeting hub for Fargo's talented downtown community. A place like this was sorely needed.

Reading Life & Thyme's new magazine! They feature amazing storytelling and photos with a culinary theme. I've been lucky enough to be on their site twice, but now they've finally put together a print magazine and it's wonderful!

Being humbled constantly by the artists I'm working with for my Artist Studies series.  This week I featured Meg Roberts. She's a ceramic artist that is doing some very awesome and important work. This one quote from her concerning her non-profit Plants for Patients speaks volumes:

“It’s just a way to show people that this is how we do community. We laugh together, we grieve together, we make art together; we creatively support each other through joys and through sorrows.”