Some Of My Favorite Magazines

Some Of My Favorite Magazines

I've always been a huge fan of quality magazines. That thick heavy paper. Beautiful full spread images. Excellent writing and layouts that aren't surrounded and bogged down with a ton of crappy advertisements every two pages. Enough gushing. Here's a couple of my current favorites. If you're looking for something to read, grab one of these guys and enjoy a relaxing read.

Life & Thyme has been sharing wonderful culinary stories for a couple years now but just released their first magazine. Their website is a gold mine of great stories and photos but finally getting to see the work on paper is something special. Really great storytelling dedicated to showcasing every aspect of food.

I was lucky enough to be featured in the latest issue of Hearth Magazine but I've admired it for a while. They feature stories on artists and artisans that are doing awesome things.

The Collective Quarterly is another new journal with an awesome premise. For every issue, the magazine sends a few artists to a specific city in the pursuit of uncovering its unique stories and people. It's fascinating to see multiple people head into the same place and emerge with all sorts of different essays and photos and stories.

The last is one that I'm naturally partial to as it's a proud product of Fargo. Wolftree started a couple years ago by a group of friends, quality people that I've had the pleasure of getting to know. Through their four issues they've really come a long way and have shared countless wonderful articles on artists, adventures, recipes, and more.